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Qatar gifted 68 armored vehicles to Somalia

MOGADISHU, Somalia – Qatar has donated 68-Casspir armored vehicles Somalia as parts of efforts to rebuild and strengthen the fractured country’s army forces, in fighting against al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab.

The weak-western backed government based in Mogadishu has struggling to defeat the Al-Qaeda linked group for more than ten years in Somalia.

In a statement by Qatar’s defense ministry said the new armored personal carriers would strengthen Somali army while fighting with Al Qaeda and Islamic State linked groups in Somalia.

Somali army has no armored vehicles and modern military hardware, raising fears of their capability in taking over the country’s overall security after the planned withdrawal of African Union (AMISOM) forces.

Qatar’s detonation will likely help Somalia to defeat the deadliest Islamic organization group in Africa – Al Shabaab.

For his part, Somali defense minister has hailed the Qatar’s donation, saying that the new vehicles will used as fighting against Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab.

The Al Qaeda inspred group has been fighting to topple the weak-western backed government of Somalia.

The group carried out similar suicide and gun attacks on hotels, governments’ instituations and other public gatherings in the capital of Mogadishu for the past months.

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