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Puntland Presidency transferring weapons and equipments to Somalia’s opposition

Puntland administration is planning to arm Mogadishu-based opposition groups to fight the federal government of Somalia.

The weapons which came into Puntland possession were purchased in Galkayo by Puntland’s finance minister, Hasan Shire Abgaal. These weapons are meant to be transferred to the opposition in Mogadishu to fight against the somali security forces.

It’s yet not clear how this weapons will be transported to Mogadishu since its believed that the federal government is aware of it.

Puntland’s objective to arm opposition to the federal government is to create instability in Mogadishu and instigate civil war in order to collapse the government where Deni’s ultimate aim is to remove Farmajo from power.

A committee (from Puntland) has been appointed to purchase and transfer the weapons to Mogadishu opposition groups and this committee members are:

  1. Finance minister Hasan Shire Abgaal
  2. Hasan Adullahi Deni, president Deni’s brother,
  3. Abdikariin Husein Gure (Shaacuur) , Aaranjaan representative in Mudug region.
  4. Ali-Said Abdulqadir Jama (Said-Fadi) Gara’ad port project manager.

All the members of this committee are former allies of Jama Ali Jama group who had close relations with the Arta government. Deni’s administration is closely linked with part of the Mogadishu opposition that he had relations with since Arta days.

Similarly, the president of puntland, Said Abdullahi Deni, maintains close relations with Damu Jadiid faction who they have financial, political and security cooperation.

Puntland president has become a hardliner opposed to elections taking place in Somalia and to achieve that objective he is planning to cause uprising in Mogadishu in order to depose Farmajo from power.

Hassan Shire Abgaal
Hassan Abdullahi Deni
Ali Saed Abdulkadir Jama
Abdikarin Hussein Gure

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