Prime Minister: The hard work now begins Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed today thanked Parliament for
voting to approve the Cabinet of Ministers and declared that “the hard work
now begins” for his government.

Following the vote, the Prime Minister said: “I am thankful to the MPs and
Parliament for taking their role responsibly and putting the national interest first
by approving the Cabinet and ministers. This Cabinet is representative of all of
Somalia, made up of people with the right talents, enthusiasm and dedication to
serve the Somali people and take our country forward.

“Compared to just over a year ago, Somalia is now recognised on the
international stage and companies are once again investing. Our brave forces in
partnership with our AMISOM brothers continue to take ground from Al-Shabaab,
reforms to our institutions and public finance management are ongoing and basic
public services have begun to be rolled out.

“Our country still faces many challenges and for my government the hard work
now begins. We must be a strong, stable and decisive government that our country
needs, earning the support and goodwill of the Somali people by delivering on our
ambitious program of government. Together we will build the foundations of a new


Ridwaan Haji

Government Spokesperson