Prime Minister concluded two day conference Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed today chaired the second day of a two-day Cabinet conference on 2014 Program of government at Villa Hargaysa.

The second day of the working session was attended by Cabinet ministers and representatives from the international community, including: United Nations, African Union, European Union, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Norway.

The two day conference has focussed on ensuring the implementation and delivery of the government’s ambitious program for 2014, with a specific focus on day two on working with the international community. Sessions over the two days have covered: Parliamentary procedure, legislative timetable, implementation and delivery of the government’s 2014 Program and working in collaboration with international partners.

Closing the conference, the Prime Minister said: “I thank our international partners for participating today and your continued support to Somalia. A strong Somali led and owned relationship between the Federal Government and international partners is essential in the continued rebuilding of Somalia.

“Our priorities for 2014 include continuing to secure the remaining areas of Somalia to ensure we can deliver basic services. We must continue to build our institutions as we cannot provide services if we do not have the institutions and tools to do it. The government must represent and be strongly linked to the regions, we must put our footprint in the regions so we are not limited to Mogadishu.

“The aim of this two day conference has been to focus our minds as a Cabinet on the challenges and priorities ahead. I want my government to be close to the people. We have an ambitious program of government and we owe it to the people of Somalia to deliver the reforms and services that will make a difference to their lives.

“We do not have the luxury of time, we have to move quickly and effectively. We all have one interest, one goal and one vision and that is to make Somalia a better place. A Somalia with dignity that is at peace with itself and its neighbours. A Somalia where its people have access to basic services and has the capacity to lift its citizens out of poverty.”