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Press Release : abduction of peace envoys in Kenya by Ethiopia security agents

The Ogaden conflict affects millions of lives in the Horn of Africa have
being going on for a very long time. Hundreds of thousands of refugees were
displaced during this conflict and countless number lost their lives. All
the countries in the Horn of Africa suffered and still suffer as a
consequence of this conflict.

In October 2012, a glimmer of hope for a possible solution started when the
Kenyan government undertook to mediate between ONLF and Ethiopia. Although
the initial talks stalled, still the Kenyan government persisted in its
endeavor to continue the dialogue.

In the middle of diplomacy shuttle by the Kenyan government, the Ethiopian
security abducted two seniors ONLF leaders in Nairobi on 26th January 2014.
The leaders were part of the negotiation team, who were waiting for the
resumption of talks.

The Ogaden community was also aware that the Ethiopian government was
facing enormous pressure from the international community to re-engage in
the talk after it withdrew last year for flimsy reasons and start serious
talks in order to settle the Ogaden conflict. Therefore we assume that the
Ethiopian regime conducted this unethical operation in order to kill any
hope of continuing the talks and deal a deadly blow to the Kenyan effort.

In light of that, the Ogaden community in South Africa condemns this vile
action. Ethiopia thinks it is the holy cow in Horn of Africa, and that
nobody could hold it actions accountable since it was never made
accountable for its  human rights violation in Ogaden region and the rest
of the Horn of Africa, including Ethiopia.

The Ogaden community calls up the Somali people in Ogaden to strengthen
their struggle and show the world and Ethiopia that intimidation and
barbarity will not stop the march to freedom.

Finally the Ogaden community calls on all international community, human
rights organisations and other civil organisations to condemn this callous
action and ask the Ethiopia regime to return the abductees. issued by
Ogaden Community in South Africa

Contacts :

Mohamed Dahir Adan, Director of Ogaden Community

Cell: 0723655965

Mohamed Abdul  Fadil , Spokesman of Ogaden community

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