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President of Somali regional state in Ethiopia resigns

The President of Somali regional state, Abdi Mohomud Omar has announced his resignation over latest violance broke out in Jigjiga, the capital of the Somali regional state in Ethiopia after the Federal military took over the control of the town on Saturday.

Former Minister of Finance, Ahmed Abdi Mohamed was appointed as President of the Somali regional state, according to the Minister for Information for the Somali Region of Ethiopia, dris Ismail.

The resignation comes after a brief clash with Liyu police forces, the Ethiopian Federal troops backed by tanks rolled into the key town and seized main streets, key buildings and parliament house.

Forces loyal to Somali regional State have reportedly confronted the military soldiers leading brief gunfire between the sides.

The military seized the installations including the headquarters of state-owned media, the parliament and the presidential palace of the state.

Media also reported that widespread looting erupted in the capital.

Ethiopia says it has ordered its army to enter in the town to restore order, amid tension has been building up high for the last 3 days.

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