President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud pays urgent visit to Baidoa

Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has paid sudden visit to Baidoa town of Bay region following political tensions in the past weeks
President Mohamud accompanied by several cabinet ministers, Members of the Parliament and security officials reached the town today and started to meet the two rival politicians who have recently declared two opposing federal states in the town.

The president’s visit was not known as the city has been in tense political temperature since last week.  The interior ministry of the federal government of Somalia said it was trying to reconcile for the two rival administrations each one declared by self appointed politicians.

Presidential security guards, AMISOM military and the government forces were deployed into the town’s centre early morning on Sunday and most of the town’s business places were closed due to the president’s visit.  The access of the people and the vehicles were also blocked.

It is yet unclear if the president’s visit will resolve the political mess and fear the of insecurity in Bay and Bakol region resulted from the two rival politicized administrations.  source