President calls more tolerance needed amid political tensions in Baidoa Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has said more tolerance is needed to resolve the political tensions in Baidoa resulted from the confusion of clan-based federalism in Somalia.

In his statement released on Tuesday shortly after his return from Baidoa, President Mohamud said previous mistakes and reluctant decisions have resulted violence that led to deadly armed clashes in different regions of Somalia.

Despite President Mohamud’s statement dis not mention by word. but his statement was seen only as referring the Ahmed Madobe’s seizure of power in Kismayo last year which ed to the deaths of more than 600 civilians including children and women s;slaughtered by clan militias.

“The governmentr is responsible in everything happening in the country. It is very vital to follow behinf the government’s instructions.” President Mohamud’s statement said.

Her mentioned no solution reached for the opposing administrations of the South West Somali declared by two rival political groups in Baidoa