somali primeminister’s family relocated from Jazeera hotel.

MAREEG.COM- The family of Prime minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed has been relocated from Jazeera hotel back to their home in Mogadshu following Alshabab claimed attack on Jazeera Hotel on Wednesday night.

 PM’s mother and brothers who returned back to the country one year ago resided at Jiro Maskin suburb of Wadajir district in Mogadishu before being moved to Jazeera hotel for fear of attacks last week.

 An exclusive footage obtained by Radio Dalsan today revealed the PM’s family convoy escorted by National security  forces in their relocation process back in their original home in Mogadishu.

 11 people lost their lives while more than 37 others were wounded when two separate suicide attacks followed by sporadic gunshots were targeted at Jazeera hotel which is famous for large number of foreigners on Wednesday night.

Alshabab militants has claimed the responsibility of the two attacks in its official twitter account saying that the mission intended is accomplished while warning well calculated sophisticated attacks against what it described as the western backed government and its sympathizers.Dalsanradio