Panama Ambassador  host Moroccan human rights and peace Activist.


Rabat.Morocco. Gloria Young met with Zakaria El hamel, Human rights and Peace Activist, on Agust 26, 2016 to discuss the shared point of views on human rights education and world Peace and opportunities of the increasing partnership between Panama and Moroccan civil Society.  They also exchanged views and ideas related to women issues in Morocco, and discussed the negotiations of promoting human rights education and interfaith dialogue  between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Panama. The Ambassador praised the strong and well-functioning cooperation between the Panama. and Morocco and appreciate  the Progress on women’s political empowerment .

Gloria Young appreciated the effort of Zakaria El hamel President &Founder,Youth for Peace-International in Morocco and all the good work that he does on behalf of YFP in the community in the area of Peace and Interfaith dialogue..we need people like you” said the Panama Ambassador in Morocco.

Zakaria el hamel said that the meeting with Gloria Young was very interesting,. She is a great and powerful woman who appears to be transparent in her mission and goals.

By A warsame

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