Over 20 young Somali coaches win CAF licence ‘C’ certificates

Mareeg.com-Somalia has made an unprecedented approach in its football history on Thursday 1st of May 2014, when the confederation of African Football (CAF) provided their certificates with 25 youthful Somali football coaches during a colourful ceremony at the Global Hotel in Mogadishu.

The graduated coaches were trained and examined at CAF licence ‘C’ course conducted in Mogadishu by Ulric Mathiot in August 2013. The instructor sent the results of the final examination to CAF which then sent the certificates of the 25 coaches who passed in both their theory and practical exams.

This was the first time in Somalia’s football history that the CAF licence ‘C’ course was conducted in the country, as part of the joint CAF and Somali FA efforts increase football knowledge in the war-ravaged country.

Somali Football federation technical director Awil Ismail Mohamed who first addressed at the graduation ceremony said that Somalia was the last country to benefit from the CAF licence ‘C’ course due to the long-existed violence in the country.

“As a technical director I am really very happy that all 25 coaches who took part in the course passed in their exams after the training conducted by FIFA and CAF expert Ulric Mathiot—I would like to thank local instructors Mohamed Abdulle Farayare and Abdi Farah Geela who helped the expert” said SFF technical director Awil Ismail Mohamed who also helped Mr Ulric during the course.

“It was the first such chance we experienced and it ended successfully as all our coaches promoted to CAF licence ‘C’ level—We are now on the way to chase the rest of African countries who had benefitted from such course before” the technical director noted during his address at the graduation ceremony on Thursday.

He said that the Somali FA was planning to hold at least 2 other licence ‘C’ courses and one licence ‘B’ course before the end of the year.

Somali Football Federation Senior vice president Ali Abdi Mohamed added that local instructors were very praiseworthy for playing their role in enhancing the knowledge and experience of local coaches, but said that still there was a very long way ahead until Somalia will have fully recovered.

“You have now confirmed your success in getting CAF licence ‘C’ certificate, but that must not be the end for you, because we want you to work harder to approach B and A licences” the senior vice president told the graduators urging them to travel throughout the country in search of talented young boys to train them.

For his part, the Somali Football Federation President Ali Said Guled Roble added that the CAF licence ‘C’ graduation for Somalia was a clear indication that the war-weary country was recovering from years of setbacks caused by the long-running civil wars in the country.

“Today you won you CAF licence ‘C’ certificates and it is the first time in our history that Somalia have benefitted from such course, but we have to know that still it is far from end, because we need to promote from where we are at the moment—we will be able to reach our target if we struggle more” SFF president told the graduating coaches.

He told them to practice their knowledge in regions across the country to help promote football in every single village or neighbourhood in the country.

“You have earned more knowledge not only for yourself, but for the whole country, so we want you to pass what you have learned to young boys in regions in the country” the president said before handing over the microphone to Somali NOC executive committee member and NOCSOM president representative Ibrahim Hussein Ali (Roombe).

“On the behalf of Somali NOC president Abdullahi Ahmed Tarabi I would like to congratulate Somali Football Federation on the successive activities it has been carrying out in the country—It really gives me a great pleasure to witness such number of young Somali men graduate from CAF licence ‘C’ course” Mr. Ibrahim Hussein Ali (Roombe) told the graduation ceremony on Thursday.

“You are 25 coaches—a very small number in comparison with our football-loving people, but if every one of you trains only 25 boys a year, we will have over six hundred boys educated under football annually—imagine how many talented players we can get in every year” the Somali NOC executive committee member Ibrahim Hussein Ali told the graduation ceremony on Thursday.

By Shafi’i Mohyaddin Abokar

CECAFA Media Committee Member