Oromo United and Steadfast to Continue Revolution Against TPLF Regime

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The historic Oromo Leadership Convention held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, November 11 – 13,
2016, after deliberating on the current situation in Oromia, was successfully concluded after
passing ground-breaking resolutions that affirm the unity of all Oromos.

This Convention was attended by religious, civic and community leaders from across North
America and Europe, political organizations, professional and civil societies, artists,
businessmen, scholars, veterans of the struggle and Oromo notables who have contributed to the
advancement of the Oromo cause in their respective fields. Overall more than 600 Oromos from
all walks of life participated in this Convention.

This Convention was held at the time when we commemorate the first anniversary of the latest
phase of Oromo resistance that begun on November 12, 2015 in Ginchi town, spread throughout
Oromia and then to all over Ethiopia. The participants solemnly commemorated the fallen
martyrs and rededicated themselves to supporting and advancing the just struggle of the Oromo
people so that the price paid with the lives of heroes would not be in vain.

The Convention thoroughly discussed four documents prepared by the organizers in plenary and
breakout sessions. The participants made a series of amendments and modifications to these
documents and adopted them as the Convention’s working documents. The delegates also
decided to broaden participation and recommended these documents for more robust discussions
in different venues. To coordinate the discussions and to intensify diplomatic and advocacy work
against the TPLF regime, the Convention resolved to establish a coordinating committee.oromo-cu-4

The Convention also remembered those who were killed, tortured, maimed and currently suffer
in several jails and concentration camps in Oromia and those who had to flee their country. To
that end, the Convention has decided to establish a humanitarian assistance body to assist
Oromos who are affected by the inhumane acts of the TPLF regime.

Taking into account that the current diplomatic advocacy efforts need coordination, the
Convention has decided to establish an Oromo research and advocacy organization to assist the
works of the advocacy groups. In connection, the Convention has named Athlete Feyisa Lelisa
Global Ambassador of Oromo Diplomacy.

Recognizing the existence of diverse shades and stripes of political persuasions among Oromos,
reflected in the existence of different political organizations, the Convention stressed the
importance of the unity for the success of our people’s struggle. The participants reiterated in
their discussions the importance of unity and encouraged Oromo political organizations to work
together to help mobilize our people for the final battle against the TPLF regime. The political
organizations have agreed to commit to working towards this end.

Recognizing the imperative of the time, the participants have decided to further intensify their
support for the Oromo revolution and to join hands in solidarity with all freedom loving peoples
to fight against the repressive TPLF regime that has lost all legitimacy.

Aware that the TPLF regime has continued its brutal killings, mass incarcerations, enforced
disappearances, and persecution of Oromo sons and daughters, the Convention condemns in the
strongest of terms the State of Emergency as the regime’s desperate attempt to legalize its
illegitimate actions.

The Convention calls upon the international community to support the UN Human Rights
Council’s call to conduct an independent and thorough investigation into the massacre the
Ethiopian regime caused at the Irreechaa festival on October 2, 2016.

Finally, the Oromo Leadership Convention extends its call to all peoples in Ethiopia to stand
together and act in concert to remove the TPLF regime that has become the source of all
discontent, division and disorder in the country.

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