opinion on the sad fatal plunder by the American military near Galkayo.

I looks like AFRICOM is caught with its pants down. They are ridiculous liars. They are giving America a bad name.

But then, how can the powerful AFRICOM admit that it was hoodwinked by a weak ignorant primitive fishermen(changed from derogatory word) of Puntland?

It is the height of dishonor.

Here America comes out as an a gigantic toddler without much brains – particularly in the field of foreign policy.
Self-confident America is a genius at multiplying her enemies.

Which is very sad – given her basic decency and incredible potential in almost every field.

America, don’t disgrace yourself before the whole world and before the Somali people. Don’t fall and wallop in the mud before the world.

Go after your real enemies. But don’t manufacture enemies. Your arms manufacturers are not your best friends. You
need peace and they need to sell their lethal products.

Greater men than I have warned you of that danger many years ago.

Choose your enemies wisely and go after them. I won’t preach otherwise. If only because you are such
a huge ship and changing your course is not easy for you.But keep in mind: your whole foreign policy needs drastic

America, my beloved country, admit your mistake in the Galkaio incident. apologize, make amends and move on!

Everybody makes mistakes.

By A warsame

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