Onlf Foreign Oil companies in Ogaden warn

*ONLF Information Bureau warns Foreign Oil companies in Ogaden 27 October 2013 By Mohamed Faarah (Ogadentoday Press)- Information Bureau of Ogaden National Liberation Front, ONLF a group fighting for the Self-determination of Ogaden Region in eastern Ethiopia has warned on Sunday the Foreign oil companies interested in Ogaden Region. According to ONA, Ogaden News Agency the ONLF has warned several times for the oil companies but ignored the threats. It is unfortunate that African Oil Company ignored the warning and they must know that without consent of the people Somali Ogaden region, oil and gas explorations in the region is impossible. The information bureau has said that if African Oil Company is spending millions of dollars on security and the genocide taking place in Ogaden for the name of oil and gas exploration, ONLF and its people will take a tough action. Hussein Nor, head of the information affairs of the ONLF, said in an interview with Ogadentoday Press that they would suggest the foreign companies to abandon oil searching operations in the region for their security and economy. We are aware of the complicity of genocide that oil companies played a role in the Africa, if the move is that, history will be written and the accountability of the genocide will be witnessed, the Information Bureau said in statement. The group stated that they want for the development of the Ogaden region and the benefit of their people but Ogaden people and their struggle front see the oil companies as looters of the natural resource of Ogaden until political solution and the demands the people are met. We urge all foreign companies to exercise corporate responsibility and steer clear of Ogaden so long as our people are victims of genocide, the information Bureau says in the statement. People of Somali Ogaden are ready to defend their country and their oil, the statement stated. The Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), ethnic Somalis fighting for self-determination since 1984, claimed responsibility for the pre-dawn raid on the Chinese-run field in 2007.