Somali President among world leaders targeted by National security agency of America

German magazine Der Spiegel has reported that the US National
Security Agency kept more than 300 reports on Chancellor Angela Merkel in a
special databank about scores of foreign heads of state.

the secret file about the surveillance of Merkel was
part of a trove of documents obtained by former NSA systems analyst Edward
Snowden. Other leaders listed in the databank include the heads of Peru,
Somalia, Guatemala, Colombia and Belarus
Earlier this month, German lawmakers agreed to
launch an inquiry into surveillance conducted by the NSA and other foreign
intelligence services, including the tapping of Merkel’s cellphone which was
revealed in 2013

German federal prosecutors are also mulling
whether to open their own investigation into NSA activities.

Somali political analyst believe that Somali president is an
important target because of ongoing war against Alqaida link Alshabab militant
group which is seen as a major threat to US security.source Der Spiegel