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Ogaden Women Association (OWA) holds a conference on Human rights

By Ahmed Abdi-The Ogaden Women Association (OWA) held a conference on human rights abuses in the Ogaden region in Stockholm from 29 November 3 December to discuss the important roles that women can play in terms of preventing human rights abuses and gender-based violence in Ogaden region.

OWA with the support ofmareg2015 the Ogaden European Associations (OEA) organized an ongoing series of lectures with the aim of publicizing, discuss and reflect on issues that involved in the breaches or difficulties of human rights anywhere in the Peoples Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (PAFD) nations, who are seeking independence from Ethiopian colony.

These conferences are held annually and are intended to hear human rights activists, journalists, and organizations that follow and interest in the social, economic, and political developments in the sub-Saharan Africa in relation to the actual purpose of each session.

Throughout history, the Ogadeni women have been actors when it comes to the armed struggle against the Ethiopian occupation of the Ogaden region. Not surprisingly, they are victims or caregivers as well as active participants in terms of community mobilization and fundraising. However, they quit today being active participants in the Ogaden National Liberation Army (ONLA) and front-line combat.

Ogaden, a home to 7-8 million Somali ethnic population wants autonomy for their country, which is drawing interest from foreign firms who think its deserts might hold significant oil and gas deposits.

Arrest without crime-What is next for Ogaden?

Dozens of civilians were arbitrarily arrested by the Ethiopian Security Forces in Nogob, Jarar and Dollo provinces in the Ogaden region amid to silence dissent, Ogaden News Agency (ONA) reported on Tuesday.
“The Ethiopian soldiers in occupied Ogaden conducted pre-emptive arrests to silence Somalis in Ogaden region as usual,” ONA said.
At least 21 innocent civilians including a 90-year-old woman have been arrested, detained, beaten and extorted by the colonial troops in the Southern Ogaden towns of Sagag, Hamaro, Birkod and Wafdug, all of them in the provinces of Nogob, Jarar and Doollo, it added.
Human Rights Groups accuse the Ethiopian government of committing human rights abuses in Ogaden region.

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