Better Plastics for Healthier Oceans

5th January 2018 Mo 0

by Michael Stephen–LONDON – Plastics are among the most popular materials in use today. Given the material’s versatility, it is little wonder that some 320 million tons of it are [Read More]


The Climate-Conflict Nexus

19th December 2017 Mo 0

by Muhammad Hamid Zaman–BOSTON – Yemen and South Sudan are, in many ways, worlds apart. But, despite vast differences in history, tradition, and culture, both countries share one painful feature: [Read More]


Gender Equity for Africa’s Scientists

14th December 2017 Mo 0

by Aminata Garba,Hendrina Doroba,Ivy Mwai,Dorothy – A girl in Ethiopia could grow up to engineer a new method for improving agricultural yields, if only she could meet the right [Read More]


Putting a Price on Rainforests

9th November 2017 Mo 0

by Lorenzo Bernasconi-NEW YORK – In early October, shortly after Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter that his company could, given the [Read More]

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