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Making Democratic Socialism Relatable

Dr. Yossef Ben-Meir-Mareeg.com-The phrase “Democratic Socialism” continues to find its way into current national and political discourse of the United States. Vermont Senator and Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders embraces the term,…

The Communist Manifesto Turns 172

Sam Ben-Meir - February 13, 2020-This month marks 172 years since the first publication of the Communist Manifest. All around the world people will be commemorating February 20th with group read-alouds, and other ways of noting the…

Arrested Diplomacy

by Ramesh Thakur-Mareeg.com-CANBERRA – On November 19, Carlos Ghosn, the board chair and former CEO of Nissan, was arrested at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport on suspicion of under-reporting income and misusing corporate funds for personal purposes;…

Rebirth of Dictatorship in Somalia

The Somali President, Mohamed AbdullahiFarmaajo,undermines the Somali Constitution and democratic rule of law. With the help of the prime minster and the cabinet, he sets disruptive manipulations against legislators and plots intimidations

Media Watchdogs Fear a Chill in Slovakia

BRATISLAVA, May 22 2018 (IPS) - International media watchdogs, EU politicians, journalists and publishers have condemned Slovak police investigating the murder of a local journalist after one of his colleagues claimed she was interrogated…

Weapons of Male Destruction

by Beatrice Fihn-Mareeg.com-GENEVA – As an advocate for the abolition of nuclear weapons, I don’t have the luxury of mincing words. There are an estimated 15,000 nuclear warheads scattered around the world, and eliminating them means…

The Case for Secret Diplomacy

by Graham Allison-CAMBRIDGE – When New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez announced that he will oppose Mike Pompeo’s nomination to US Secretary of State, he explained that he would do so because Pompeo, currently Director of the CIA, had…

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