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Yaa Muhiim ah Falka mise Natiijada?

                                                                WQ/Dr. Cabduraxman Baadiyow Fal kasta waxaa loo sameeyaa in natiijo la rabo lagu gaaro. Ganacsiga waxaa loo sameeyaa in ribix laga helo! dagaal waxaa loo gala in guul lagu…

The Rouhani Factor

by Abbas Milani-Mareeg.com-PALO ALTO – Iran’s presidential election on May 19 was paradoxical and potentially pivotal. It began as a sleepy affair – a likely victory for the incumbent, Hassan Rouhani, running against a motley crew…

Is Liberal Internationalism Dead?

by Tony Smith-MEDFORD – One hundred years ago this month, US President Woodrow Wilson was agonizing over whether to enter World War I. Just a few months earlier, Wilson had won re-election partly by campaigning on a policy of neutrality,…

Dummkopf! Frau Merkel’s Ethiopian Fiasco

Dummkopf! is the word that comes to mind when seeing Frau Merkel, Germany’s Chancellor sharing the stage with the Ethiopian Prime Minister while that same PM’s death squad's were opening fire on unarmed demonstrators in Oromia, killing 23…

Supporting the Kingdom of Morocco

Dr. Yossef Ben-Meir--In recent decades the Kingdom of Morocco has embarked on a path that fully commits the nation to a development and civil course that is at once progressive and strongly connected to its national identity. The Moroccan…

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