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The Real Deal on the War in Yemen

The latest war in Yemen, ongoing since 2015, started when the Houthi tribes in the north made a deal with former President Saleh (whose son remained head of the army under the agreement made with the Saudis to get him to vacate the Yemen…

Eritrea slams attacks on Saudi oil facilities

ASMARA, Eritrea – Eritrea’s president Isaias Afwerki has strongly condemned on Monday the latest attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities, said in a statement. Eritrea’s statement said the president Afwerki sent a message of solidarity to…

Somalia slams Houthi drone attacks in Saudi

MOGADISHU – Somalia has condemned drone attacks on a Saudi oil pipeline west of Saudi’s capital, Riyadh, bringing production to a halt temporarily. Yemen’s Houthi rebel spokesman said the group was responsible, and that the attack was a…

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