Middle East

Exposing the corrupt in Saudi Arabia

22nd February 2014 MAREEG 0

Mareeg.comCorruption is a significant threat to any country’s overall wellbeing and development. Defined as the abuse of public office for private gain or the abuse of entrusted power for private [Read More]

Middle East

Rouhani’s Lost Chance

31st January 2014 MAREEG 0

Mareeg.com– ISTANBUL – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s charm offensive has stalled. It worked well in the United Nations General Assembly last September, when he had something solid to offer – [Read More]

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Middle East

Forsaken Syria

30th January 2014 MAREEG 0

Mareeg.com-MADRID – In this year of ubiquitous commemorations, the centennial of Jan Karski’s birth has been largely overlooked. And yet Karski’s legacy is more important than ever – nowhere more [Read More]

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