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Sunni Scholars Meet Pre. Rouhani

By sunnionline--Dozens of the Iranian scholars and MPs met with the president Hassan Rouhani ahead of the Unity Week in Iran on Sunday 11th Dec. 2016 in Tehran. “SunniOnline” reported dozens of Sunni rectors, imams and Friday preachers…

The Islamic State’s Problem With Women

Writen by Fatima Sadiqi-ZURICH – It is telling that women feature heavily in the Islamic State’s rise and fall. While ISIS’s craven massacre of Yazidi women in Iraq and Syria helped put it on the map, its gradual downfall is coming partly…

In Defense of Sharia

this article first published on 2002-by Ali Ahmad-This week, an Islamic court at Funtua, in Katsina State, in northern Nigeria rejected the appeal of a woman convicted of having sex out of wedlock. Her lawyers will likely appeal her…

African Muslims In The Islamic World

by Ali B. Juma-Nigeria has been convulsed by religious violence triggered by the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad published in a Danish newspaper months ago. The violence began in the northern Nigerian city of Maiduguri during a protest…

The Islamic State’s European Strategy

by Omar Ashour-LONDON – Terrorist attacks by Islamic State (ISIS) affiliates and sympathizers over the past year have raised alarms in Europe, but they have not yet reached the frequency Europe experienced in the 1970s, according to the…

The Strategic Logic of the Islamic State

by Fawaz A. – The so-called Islamic State (ISIS) continues to pose a serious challenge not just to the Middle East, but to the entire world. While the efforts of a US-led coalition have weakened ISIS, destroying the…

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