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Somali delegation visits to Gedo region

A delegation from the Somali federal government visited Gedo region today.

This delegation, was led by Minister of defense Honourable, Hassan Hussein Haji, the Minister of Justice Abdulkadir Nur Mohamed Jama, the Minister of Information Osman Dubbe and the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Mohamed Osman, as well as officials.

On the other hand the delegation was among generals from the Somali National Army (SNA) and they visited Dolow and Balad Hawo districts in Gedo region.
After that they had a meeting with the administration of Gedo region and the security agencies in Dolow district, and then, they traveled to Balad Hawo district. The Minister of Defense Hassan Hussein Haji addressed to the district officials and troops told them on behalf of the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia H.E.MR
.MOHAMMED ABDULLAH FARMAJO that he promised for promotions and encouragement, while those who have been misled to fight against the government wouuld stay as they have a chances to show their people and their country they are all welcomed and will be given all services.