The right to life and land

10th May 2018 Mo 0

Mareeg.com-Seven decades after the Nakba, Palestinians want nothing more than to return to their land and live in dignity, writes Mousa Abu Marzouq Two million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip [Read More]

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Is Anti-Semitism Curable?

6th May 2018 Mo 0

by Raj Persaud,Nicholas Morris-LONDON – Protesters in the United Kingdom are sounding the alarm over a perceived resurgence of anti-Semitism in politics. At the center of the crisis are revelations [Read More]


African Women on Top

8th March 2018 Mo 0

by Shona Bezanson,Peter Materu–TORONTO – Africa has a long history of female leadership. Yet leadership can be a challenging aspiration for the continent’s young women, owing to enduring barriers to [Read More]

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