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Britain’s Brexit Breakdown

by Philippe by PProject Syndicate Legrain-LONDON – British democracy was once widely seen as a model for others to follow. But it has now sunk into its deepest crisis in living memory. At stake is not only whether the United Kingdom crashes…

Europe Must Oppose Trump

by Jeffrey D. Sachs-Mareeg.com-NEW YORK – With Donald Trump due to visit Europe again for the G7 summit later this month, European leaders have run out of options for dealing with the US president. They have tried to charm him, persuade…

Killing a Silent Killer of Women

by Muttaquina Hossain-project-syndicate.org DHAKA – In public health, discussions relating to women typically focus on maternal mortality, malnutrition, and more recently, sexual and reproductive health. But one facet of malnutrition –…

Kashmir is under attack

By Tariq A. Al-Maeena --THE current Indian government has acted swiftly and against all international norms, beginning with the use of cluster bombs against the civilian population of Kashmir, and has followed it by an invasion of 10,000…

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