Mass shooting:Murder By Congress

16th February 2018 Mo 0

Mareeg.com-Once again, we are faced with another mass shooting. This time the cold-blooded killings took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, killing 14 innocent students and three adults. This [Read More]


US Foreign Policy and the Missing Left

8th February 2018 Mo 0

by Michael Walzer-Mareeg.com-PRINCETON – Consider the disaster of American foreign policy under President Donald Trump. While the president spent his first year in office trading insults with the dictator of [Read More]


A Party That Has Lost Its Soul

11th January 2018 Mo 0

Mareeg.com-As the mid-term political campaigns begin, perhaps we should pause and think where this country is headed under the leadership of Trump, with the House and Senate in control of [Read More]

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