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New candidacy for the Post of President of the Federal Government of Somalia on 1st September 2016th


Sub: Announcing My Candidacy for the Post of President of the Federal Government of Somalia on 1st September 2016th

I am here to announce my candidacy for President of the Federal Government of Somalia because of I have the capacity to carry this responsibility. I believe my country and my Somali people were met severe inflow of civil war, killing, massacre, atrocity genocide, ethnic cleansing, rape, occupy of other people’s properties, force evacuation, inflation, drought, famine and malnutrition, growing drug plantation, human trafficking in the last two decade and half  which inflict our Somali community. I believe I am able to change the condition of my country and fate from inflation, famine, malnutrition   and civil war to wealth, peace, stability and development.

Today Federal Government (FG) is at critical cross-roads because of the current Federal Government which was mandated four years ago to restore political stability and to complete the peace process, but it became failure and has not moved forward in achieving “One-man-one-Vote” and other objectives.  Somali people have suffered enough and must not suffer any more. But it must not be allowed to collapse as such an outcome will have worst consequences.  Those failures happened due to lack of good leadership that could understand what Somali people needs.

International Community came to rescue Somalia and didn’t allow a total collapse and stood up when they saw Somalia as a failed State and we all known that the Somalia  needs a really change into the right direction  until we reach “one-man one-vote”.  Only the government cannot bring change if the all Somali community doesn’t work with it, I believe if our Somali community united and stand the side of the government we shall get affective government that service all of us and make us arrogant nation.

I welcome the ongoing effort and work of the International Community  to resolve Somali crisis and conflict, also I fully support the perseverance  of the Special Representative of UN Secretary General (SRSG) for Somalia His Excellency Michael Keating for having successfully brought the Leaders of Federal Government and Puntland State administration of Somalia to reach a genuine agreement for a lasting political conflict in Somalia, such dialogues and reconciliation are essential for political stability, development and unity of our Somali community.

  The crisis and conflict in Somalia are both security and political, therefore Somalia needs a good Leader that can coordinate and cooperate common policies with the International Community generally and the region particularly. In this sophisticated world no country could continue its self and stand without such cooperation on matter of common interests with the rest of the world. Somalia needs salvation from its present political crisis and needs financial assistance to rebuild the destruction of the civil war. It is relevant, that the International Community act in a more honest and responsible style to assist Somalia to rehabilitate its people and rebuild all its collapsed institutions. Such assistance could increase speed and be influential to the unity, stability and peace that we all need in Somalia. We need strong leader that is active and acceptable to most Somali community.



In this consider, the only venue open for Somalia to persuade the world that it could stand on its feet again, would be to find a leader that would unite our nation.  That Leader is not being a dictatorship work with his own decision, on bias and clan partiality. But fairly on an all comprehensive manner.  One that will be reaching out to all, enemy and friend, with the purpose to heal the wounds of the past and speedy the country forward.

Somali people needs sincere reconcilers who are ready to guide the opponent into a productive dialogue that would allow respect, friendliness and brotherhood. Such leader should be the one who will go further mile for the sake of achieving unity, stability and peace.

We want a leader would grant and listen to appeals of the Somali people and bring what they promise. Leader who care to lessen the suffering of the people by creating jobs and increase food products, clean waters, provide education, Medicare, and quality medicine and stop expire and fake medicine entering  into the country.

In fact Somali communities want a Leader would bring justice to those who have been without justice and help them recover their credit and respect within the Somali community.

We want a strong Leader that would be hard on those who break the law and order and are starting violence among the Somali communities. In short we want a total change of policy with a new political vision that will enable us to catch up with the new world order.

We want a leader that would be anxious for the Disabled people (blind, deaf, and etc), Orphans, Street children, and drug addicts, displaced people and Somali refugees in the neighbor countries’ camps and take responsibility for their repatriation to their country and would provide them with security and respectable orphanage, shelters and rehabilitation centers in all Somali States.

I highly praise and fully support the vision which said the election of Parliament Speaker and his two Deputy and Somalia President will be outside of Mogadishu because of security reason.

with the help of Allah  if  I  am elected as Somalia President,  I promise my country and  Somalia community that I shall be that  Leader because of  I  am experienced person, educated and qualified  who have a capacity to carry this responsibility.

If I elected me as a President, I shall consult with legal experts and people across the political parties, both inside and outside my government. Nothing will be hidden from the public of Somali community and I shall always welcome their opinion in all levels at all time.

If  elected me I guarantee to  Somali people to select the correct team from all Somali States, who will have  the same vision that I believe for quickly  changes and also  have capacity, qualified, educated and will be committed to these goals. My government will work hardly and tirelessly to achieve the right goals in shortest possible time which our Somali communities were desire for. We shall always be ready to consult, listen, and serve our Somali community and our country with all clearness and genuineness


Yours Sincerely

Hussein Ali Elmi

Presidential Hopeful of Somalia in 2016th


Chairman of SYPL-Political Party


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