Navy says Asia Pacific ship collisions were avoidable

A report on the official investigation into two separate collisions between U.S. Navy ships and private commercial craft says the crashes were avoidable and the result of a string of human errors. Justin Mitchell reports.

Two deadly crashes between U.S. Navy ships and commercial craft in the Asia Pacific earlier this year were avoidable and caused by a string of human errors.

That’s according to a damning report released Wednesday following the official investigation into the accidents.

On June 17, the U.S.S. Fitzgerald collided with a Philippine container ship off the coast of Japan and almost sank. Seven U-S sailors died.

The report said the Fitzgerald’s leadership failed to follow basic rules for avoiding collisions

In August, the U.S.S. John S. McCain struck an oil tanker, resulting in the deaths of 10 more sailors.

That incident, the report said, was due to “complacency, over-confidence” and sailors not knowing enough about the ship’s controls.

The Navy has dismissed a number of officers, including the commander of the Seventh fleet, as a result of the collisions.

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