Mr. Wiish’s football revival at Banadir Region

It is no secret that sports in Somalia has been making positive headlines as of late, especially in football. The Banadir Region Sports Department led by Wiish Haji Yabarow has been in the center of it all.

Early September of 2017 Banadir Stadium hosted the first football game played under floodlights in over 30 years to celebrate the final of a local tournament that was organized by the Banadir Region Sports Department.
Though the game it self wasn’t an international fixture nor a first division professional match, the stadium was filled to capacity by locals who were celebrating more than a game. That historic night in Mogadishu , the capital of Somalia was a sure sign of peace, prosperity and brought hope to Somalis all over the world.

A few months later The Banadir Region Sports Department with the support of the mayor of Mogadishu Mr. Thabat Abdi Mohamed hosted a football team from Somali Diaspora community in the Southeastern Australian city of Melbourne.

The Australian team arrived in Mogadishu to play three games in the nation’s capital. This visit marked another historic moment in the history of Somali sports. The aim of this invitation according to Wiish was to help “integrate and bridge the gap between local and the diaspora youth”.

The work of Wiish, mayor Thabat and the Banadir Region Sports Department is a prime example that should be followed by all regions and sports administrations across the country. They’re are a beacon of hope for Somali youth everywhere. Banadir Region’s Sports Department showed us what can and will happen when an organization has strong and committed leadership.

What they have managed to accomplish with limited funding and resources, is a great example for any organization or sports department that wants to follow suit.
We are in a period of time in our country’s history where peace and prosperity are at an all-time high. This is a time of reforms and rebuilding. Behind us are the days of corruption and self-interest before nation.

Wiish Haji Yabarow and the entire Banadir Sports Department should be commanded and applauded for the selfless, exemplary work they’ve been doing for our country and our youth. The hope and the excitement they’ve brought to a heeling nation is well noted.

From successful local tournaments, hosting the first football game under floodlights in 37 years, and integrating local and diaspora youth through sports.What is to come is surely more exciting than what has taken place recently and there is no doubt that the ground breaking pioneering work Wiish and his team are doing for sports in Somalia will continue. On behalf of the entire Somali population and sports enthusiasts everywhere thank you.

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