Mourning in Somalia, as former Ocean stars member dies

Haji Mohamed Ahmed Olow IS MOURNING for the passing of former Ocean stars member Ahmed
Muse Nur who died at a hospital in Mogadishu on Saturday evening.

The body of the former footballer has been laid to rest in the Somali
police school cemetery on Sunday, where Somali FA and NOCSOM officials,
former national team members and fans attended the funeral service which
held before noon on Sunday.

The national hero was admitted to Daamey hospital in Mogadishu by late
December where he has been receiving treatment, before passing away on
Saturday evening due to severe diabetes, according to medical sources.

“Today, the SFF is announcing the loss of another great hero who
contributed to Somali football in both as national team member and player
for one of the country’s most popular football clubs in 1980s” Somali
Football Federation President Abdiqani Said Arab told the burial service
earlier on Sunday.

“On behalf of the entire members of Somali football family, I am sending a
heart-felt sympathy to the father of the late player, his family,
teammates and to the rest of Somali people for the loss of such a hero”
president Abdiqani Said Arab added.

The president announced three days of national mourning and became the
first person to sign at the book of condolence launched at the Somali
Football Federation headquarters.

Ocean stars playmaker in 1960s and current Somali NOC executive committee
member Haji Mohamed Ahmed Olow told the burial service that he knew the
late player since from the very beginning of his football career rating
him as one of the best players in his era.

He termed the death of the late Ahmed Muse Nur as a very touching
experience which came less than a year after the country lost its first
national team captain Mohamed Qalaf Aden Shangole who died in Mogadishu in
July last year.

By Omar Mohamud Wardere