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Motorist beware on Hammersmith & Fulham Moneybox of Yellow Junction

There is some thing that is fundamentally wrong with this junction of (Effie road and Harwood) in west London city of Fulham and Hammersmith.

drivers have accused Hammersmith and Fulham Council, in West London, of designing the junction to deliberately catch them out and create a cash cow and are Suspicious on motive behind this junction

According to to an information obtained by under the freedom of information Act,

Only  one  box  junction alone has trapped “3218 contravening the restrictions in box junction Harwood road J/W Effie road from 7 April til 31 July 2016”. The fine is £65 pounds, in first 14 days the council encourages quick pay and warn the motorist if they not appeal they may not take this opportunity of reduced charges. The fine will double to £130 if you do not pay on time given. We have interviewed a motorist who has been unlucky to have fallen in to the trap. He Says that he has partly enter the box on 20 second and the the traffic light ahead was green but the car in front has decided to stop for what ever reason. This motorist who has request his name to be withheld has complain the council’s treatment. He has made few enquires but instead of answer on his concern the send him a rejection of an appeal has not made in the first place. In addition, he said the that he lost his 14 days reduced payment even he was told his case is on hold as he made enquires.

Daily mail has made investigation on this area namely Bagley’s Lane Junction with New King’s Road, and wrote the following “Drivers should enter a box junction only if the exit road or lane is clear. They can wait inside it if they want to turn right and are stopped from doing so by oncoming traffic or other vehicles queuing to turn right. But motorists argue that the Moneybox – at the junction of fashionable but heavily congested New King’s Road and Bagley’s Lane in Fulham – has two sets of traffic lights which allow more motorists to enter the controlled area than can leave it.”

Daily mail has published some facts on this junction lately here are article with headline: Read more


Moneybox junction: The West London traffic light ‘trap’ that rakes in £2.7m a year

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