More than 3,000 Kenyan Soldiers Have Died In Somalia, Kenya Losing the War

In a shocking report that has yet to be released but which we have seen, we have learnt that more than 3,000 soldiers have died in Somalia and Kenya is fighting a losing war.

Last week Raila demanded that the Uhuru government furnish reports on how many soldiers have died in Somalia but he was quickly shut down by Uhuru’s cronies who questioned why he wanted this valuable information.

Well, the truth is now out. Kenyans refuse to face the fact that ‪#‎Operation_Linda_Nchi‬ is costing tax payers over 100 MILLION a day to run this farce of a war.

Good men and women are dying over there for no justified reason. Soldiers get shot at EVERYDAY, Day in Day out for an ineffective government that can’t safeguard security within our borders.

Do we even have PROFESSIONAL ARMIES? Well, our soldiers don’t operate based on the concept of duty any more…KDF soldiers now see EVERYTHING as a JOB. That’s why they pay over 300K to get in the army.

To get PAID a certain SALARY Every month and they have certain jobs to do. And dying for Your country in Not one of the jobs.

We interviewed a soldier who said that the word duty and esprit corps are not even mentioned….instead everything is reffered as a job which is the reason(joblessness) most people join anyway.

How many soldiers have died in Somalia? And for fairness, how many Somalis have died so far, civilian or insurgents?  ASource Allafrica