Mogadishu Mayor terminates Ground Leveling and Quarry Mining Activities in Kawan Bari * somalia, World News and Opinion.
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Mogadishu Mayor terminates Ground Leveling and Quarry Mining Activities in Kawan Bari

Mayor of Muqdisho, who is also Banadir Region Governor, honourable Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng Yarisow) has informed relevant Agencies to terminate ground leveling and quarry mining activities going on in Kawan Bari area since the move can create risks.

Mr. Yarisow, who has issued orders on terminating land activities, has pointed out that he can no longer tolerate illegal constructions that affect public lands and that of general interest.

“Banadir Region Administration is responsible for safe-guarding and checking the integrity of the law while ensuring that every step is taken according to the right guidelines that will allow everyone to realize justice and his inalienable rights and that is what we want to be a guideline for everything that comes out of the local government” Mr. Yarisow said, while adding that the motive is to check the lands being constructed which are not in-line with the required regulations.

Banadir Region Governor has warned business people and others whose work is to destroy the Ocean rocks that prevent waters from pouring into the ground, which can also bring about dangers to the locals. Since rocks and sands that would prevent waters from pouring into the City are destroyed, the trend can as well allow the waters to sweep the entire City in the near and far future.

The Mayor of Mogadishu had already terminated construction of some public assets and handed over some of the suspects to the law enforcement agencies.

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