Midnimo-Qaran Congratulates Turkish Ak Party

Mareeg.com-Dr. Abdurahman Baadiyow Chairman of the
Midnimo-Qaran (National Unity Party) congratulated the AK party for their
landslide victory in the local government elections. Dr. Baadiyow said: ” On this
joyous occasion, please allow me
to congratulate AK Party on behalf of the members of the National Unity Party
and the people of Somalia”. He added that ” Somali people have eagerly been following
recent elections in Turkey with high hope for AK Party to gain sweeping
success. Certainly, you have realized our expectation and your landslide victory is
indicative of
your popularity and public support”.
He concluded expressing gratitude
and made a remark that “Somali
people everywhere will always remember with gratitude the humanitarian and
developmental assistance that Turkey provides for Somalia. You have won the
hearts and the minds of the people of Somalia”.