MH370 China Families Incensed at Plan to Erect Memorial family members are incensed at being notified of the intent to proceed with an MH370 memorial by the Australian government, contrary to their and Australian family members’ expressed wishes.

In a letter dated 24 January 2018 on JACC letter head, China family members were notified of the intent to proceed with a commitment to establish the memorial, claiming it “has received widespread support from the Australian families of those on board MH370”, according to Judith Zielke, Chief Coordinator, JACC.

China family members presented their formal opposition to the memorial to the Australian embassy in Beijing 12 January 2018, stating “We hereby reiterate that we now firmly oppose the establishment of a memorial to MH370 at Elizabeth Pier in Australia.”

China family members contacted Danica Weeks, wife of missing passenger Paul Weeks. Mrs Weeks confirmed her opposition to the memorial, in the absence of the discovery of MH370.

Mrs Weeks stated that neither she nor any Australian family members had been contacted or given consent for the memorial at this time. “She never asked me about it. I don’t know who she spoke to here and who gave the go-ahead, definitely no one in the Australian families I know.” said Weeks.

China family members remain opposed to a memorial as long as MH370 is not found.

MH370 disappeared 8 March 2014 on a scheduled flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, carrying 239 passengers and crew, including 154 Chinese. Extensive search operations have failed to find the aircraft.

MH370 China Families


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