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MEP Ana Gomes writes a letter to Europol amid a defamation content against her

By Ahmed Abdi( MEP Ana Gomes wrote Wednesday a letter to Europol after the controversial portal which its website domain registered in Malaysia in the name of “Anti-Corruption EU (EUAC)” published a defamatory content against her.

“I write to alert Europol about the existence of a fake news outlet, currently spreading false content, which has recently targeted me as a member of the European Parliament and Vice President of the Special Committee on Financial Crime and Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance (TAX3),” MEP Ana Gomes said in her letter to the Executive Director of Europol Mrs. Catherine De Bolle.

EU Anti-Corruption — not to be confused with the EU or its affiliated programs —it called itself “European Union Anti-Corruption”, clearly aiming at spreading confusion with “European Union Anti-Corruption initiatives, according to Ms. Gomes.

The website EUAC, [which its contributors are anonymous people], claimed that Socialist MEP Ana Gomes, when on a mission to Kazakhstan, had met Gaini Yerimbetova. This portal claims that Yerimbetova is a close collaborator of Mukhtar Ablyazov, a former minister of Kazakhstan accused of corruption by the government, NewsBook site writes.

“On 15th of November, 2018, this site published a piece accusing me of ties with a person facing corruption charges in Kazakhstan, Mr.Mukhtar Ablyazov, in connection with EP/AFET mission which visited Kazakhstan last September, in which I participated. I do not know this individual and was never contacted by him,” Ana Gomes said. “I have however met Lawyer Bota Goz Kardermali and her mother who have alerted me to the situation of their brother and son, Iskander Yerimbetov-currently unjustly in prison as a retaliation for the fact that his sister (Bota) is Ablyavoz’s lawyer and is currently in exile.”

She noted that all her initiatives in favour of human rights’ victims are documented and open to public scrutiny through her personal site and that she does not have, and never had, any financial relation with any Kazakh citizen or any individuals for whose human rights I campaign.”
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Ms. Gomes said in the letter, CCed to Antonio Tajani, the President of the European Parliament and other Top EU officials: “I ask you to conduct an investigation on this website, to identify who is behind the slander directed at me and to demand the removal of all defamatory content published about the EP mission to Kazakhstan and any slanderous personal remarks again me.”

“I am also writing to Facebook with this purpose.”

Despite the news title states allegation against the MEP, the material to be covered lacks any proof whatsoever. A number of people took to the Twitter and Facebook to reveal the nature of this suspicious content as a “fake news”.

“Fake news portal behind the attack on MEP Ana Gomes.’ The judiciary must act against this crime of defamation and its perpetrators. Only then do the criminals stop using the Internet to create and promote lies”, Sofia Correia said in a tweet.

“It happens that, as soon as the defamatory content was published on the site, purporting to connect me to fraudulent activities, some members of the Maltese ruling party used this to slander me by further disseminating it, namely MP Rosianne Cutajar. This is most certainly because of my denunciation of the obstruction to justice in Malta in the fight against financial criminality and in the uncovering of the murder of Ms. Daphne Caruana Galizia,” she added.

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