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Mayor of Mogadishu launches Forced Eviction committee report

The Mayor of Mogadishu H.E. Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow) today launched a report of the incident that took place on 29 and 30 December 2017 in which 4,220 families of internally displaced people were forcedly evicted in Kaxda district of the capital city of Mogadishu.

Among the attendees of today’s event were key stakeholders such as internally displaced people, representatives from the Federal Government of Somalia and civil society groups. Mayor of Mogadishu, Minister of Planning, State Minister of the Office of the Prime Minister, Commissioner for Refugees, UNDP Country Director and others were present.

Mayor Eng. Yarisow within days of taking office established a committee to investigate the matter in order to find out the facts surrounding the forced eviction to vulnerable groups in the society. The main objective of the forum was to present the finding of the December 29/30 2017 forced evictions investigation and discuss what strategies that can be presented in order to create a multi-sectoral approach to address forced evictions and protracted displacement.

Discussions of the event focused on the finding comprehensive solutions, humanitarian and development priorities be better aligned to promote the participation of vulnerable populations so they are seen as contributors to the overall city development. Discussions also included the role of the private sector and civil society can play in addressing protracted displacement.

Mayor Eng. Yarisow said “IDPs deserve our full and collective actions to address their plights as they are our vulnerable groups in the community. Benadir Regional Administration is therefore committed to find a solution to resettle, return or locally integrate by 2022. This means that all IDP camps in Benadir Region will be closed within 4 years timeframe, with a vision of full integration in local communities and or voluntary returns to points of origins.”

Mayor Eng. Yarisow continued to say that IDPs are an asset to the city, and their full integration to the community will boost our economy and can positively make valuable contributions to the region.
The BRA will build on the support provided by key partners to engage in housing programmes for internally displaced persons that will open the way for more sustainable employment and protection schemes. Thanks to the support of key projects (EU Reinteg, TIS+, JPLG, World Bank Urban Resilience etc.) the BRA will work in the next two years on a vast array of activities that will revamp urban plans, urban public infrastructure, urban employment, service delivery and access to justice.

As part of the BRA’s goal to achieve durable solutions to Mogadishu’s displaced the Municipality is embarking on a Housing Development Project that aims to house 5000 households, an initiative that goes well beyond humanitarian approaches to a city expansion and development project.

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