Mareeg state to merge with Galmudug state report is an on-going planning to extend the administration of Galmudug State. A conference to discuss how the administration of that state can be extended started in Addis Ababa today.This plan which is being spearheaded by IGAD will try to enlarge the area under the jurisdiction of Galmudug administration to the central parts of the country which are currently under Ahlu Sunna WalJamaaá, Xumin and Xeeb, and Mareeg. Participants of this conference also include parliamentarians and politicians from these regions. Galmudug’s President Abdi Qeybdiid is due to join the conference later today or tomorrow. If Galmudug is extended the way the plan is supposed to be, its area will be roughly as big as Puntland and  Somaliland. However, no one knows

the objective behind the extending of the state is unclear