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Man who raped 5 year old child over 100 times, is sentenced

Anwar Ali, a man with Guyanese roots, has been sentenced to 21 years in prison by a UK court after being found guilty of repeatedly raping a little child since the lad was 5 years old, right up until the child reached 9.

According to court records, Mr. Ali is said to have penetrated the little child’s anus just over a hundred times.
The court also heard that Ali would cause the child to perform oral sex on him at least twice per week.

Several local media outlets including the Mail Online reported that the 33-year-old Ali had sexually abused the victim between 2003 and 2007 after regularly inviting the child into his bedroom to play video games with him.

The little lad’s ordeal only ended after the child moved into another neighbourhood in 2007. But by then the assault had already gone past a hundred, during which time his working mother did not suspect or realized anything amiss.

The court heard that apart from the child for which he was sentenced, police raided Ali’s home and found numerous images and instances of child pornography involving other children.

Despite the sentencing number, Ali would only serve about 12 to 15 calendar years in prison.

While the prosecution was somewhat satisfied with the sentence that the man received, Guyanese in the UK felt that if Ali was sentenced for such an offence in Guyana, they were certain that he would have received life in prison.

Others lamented on social media that the justice system in the UK is seemingly too lenient to child predators; while reiterating that though one of Ali’s parents’ is said to be from Guyana, that does not make the child-molester a Guyanese in any way.
However, another UK media house has identified Ali as a Guyanese, while claiming that he was in fact born in Guyana. It further claimed that one of his parents is from Pakistan, and the other is from Guyana. Read more from here

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