Majeerteen Vs Habargidir – The final solution

Galkayo town is divided into two zones, where the northern portion ruled by the majeerteen forms part of Puntland state, while its southern part is habargidir ruled and governed by the Galmudug administration. Galkayo is now virtually shut down and looks like a ghost town. The streets are roamed by large battle wagons packed with tribal militia and trucks mounted with machine guns and anti-aircraft rockets. Many innocent people were killed and dozens others were injured in this senseless war between majeerteen and habargidir. The clashes led to the displacement of thousands of innocent residents as the two sides exchanged heavy weaponry and anti-aircraft missiles in the town. Sure this could lead to serious humanitarian crisis.
This deadly fighting has to be seen as a clash between two rival tribes and not as a conflict between two Somali regions. Far from that; this conflict has social and historical dimensions. The arrival of the well-known Madobe accompanied by Fartag and an entourage of so called ministers and parliamentarians to Garowe in itself has a meaning and no doubt increases the tension. What we are witnessing is tribal affiliation being put before stability, peace and interests of a nation. May be this clash was long overdue and expected- why? The warlords and warmongers past and present of both of these tribes the majeerteen and habargidir are mostly blamed directly or indirectly for the Somali tragedy and are therefore cursed by the rest. History will remember those warlords from both of these tribes for bringing the Ethiopian army to Somalia where thousands have been killed and hundreds of thousands displaced. Above all they will be remembered on the crimes they committed against Somali Nationalism itself. So, it was expected that they will be in the ring for a final showdown. Or, maybe it is all about settling an (old) historical score – very much related to the The Majeerteen Sultanate Ruled by Boqor Osman Mahamuud, the slave trade and what happened in Hoboyo in those old bad times. This fighting has its roots far and beyond 3G – Galkayo, Guled and Gas.

Burfule Gabow