Ethiopia: Liyuu Police opens fire at Villagers in Eastern Ogaden

By Ahmed Abdi-The Notorious Paramilitary Force of the Somali Regional State (SRS) wounded Thursday more than 50 villagers of Ismodey, about 13 Kilometers South of Yu’ub in Doollo Province and displaced dozens, following a land dispute between two sub-clans of the Ogadeni Somalis, reports say.

President Mustafa Muhumed Omer (Agjar) of the Somali Regional State has sent members of his elders’ council to mediate between the two sub-clans, who previously lived together in the village before the ousted region’s long-serving president Abdi Mohamoud Omar forcibly evicted one Ogadeni sub-clan in favor of another.

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Makahil, the Maqhabul sub-clan of the Ogadeni clan of the Somalis believed that the tyrannical rule of Abdi Iley has ended, the villagers returned to their original village of Ismodey, but their rival clan militia of Rer Abdille [Rer Warfa] of Mohamed zuber sub-clan of the Ogadeni Somalis and Liyuu Police attacked them.

The Regional authority has denied facilitating the delivery of urgently needed humanitarian aid but instead sent more Liyuu Police forces to Yu’ub where some of the IDPs reached last Friday.

Dozens of the IDPs are now in the bushes without food and clean water.

On Early October, The Liyuu Police burned down the village of Lasa-Omane, about 20-Kilometers Northwestern Shilabo district, near China’s oilfield. Major Khadar nicknamed Da’un (Cholera) ordered the killing of the Makahil.

Elders of the Makahil rejected the decision of Agjar’s Elders Council and will likely consider the formation of village-level self-defense which can jeopardize the ONLF’s long-term goal for self-determination for the Ogaden’s predominantly Somali population.

In the 1980s, Somalia-backed Western Somali Liberation Front (WSLF) declined after internal conflicts within Ogadenis themselves and the scenario is the same as any further delay in resolving the issue have a negative impact on the ONLF’s support base in Doollo Province and the region’s peace and stability as well as the Prime Minister’s reform throughout the country.

The land dispute could escalate to conflicts that will likely expedite the end of the ONLF’s chapter in World history at a time Somali community is willing to create a new nation-state. The ONLF support base currently comes from the Makahil,Reer Isak and Bahgeri of the Ogadeni Somalis and ONLF’s leadership said that they fully support the Agjar’s administration that continues the violence against Makahil in Doh and Doollo areas.

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