Somalia: Libaan Ali Yarow: HRW’s Report is Baseless Chairperson of Somalia’s Court Martial Libaan Ali Yarow pointed out that a recent report by Human Rights Watch (HRW) alleging that the court martial in Somalia tried many civilians who would otherwise be tried by civilian courts as baseless. Libaan who was interviewed by the BBC Somali Service on Thursday

said organizations like Human Rights Watch which has office in Nairobi and

beyond and not inside Somalia don’t know much of what happen inside the country

and just write their reports on ‘such and such were said’ and not ‘I have

witnessed’. He said such organizations say whatever untrue information they
want. He added that such organizations are against the development of Somalia. He said whenever civilians are to be tried, they are sent to the civilian courts for trial and those civilian courts provide lawyers who do legal

representation for them.