Legitimacy of @ NUSOJ_Somalia is recognised by Twitter and fabricated claims from the fraudulent pretender are rejected * Mareeg.com somalia, World News and Opinion.
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Legitimacy of @ NUSOJ_Somalia is recognised by Twitter and fabricated claims from the fraudulent pretender are rejected

Press Release.-Mogadishu: Monday 18/06/2018-Mareeg.com-The official Twitter account of National Union of Somali Journalists (@NUSOJ_Somalia) has been restored after being briefly suspended.

The suspension followed a submission to Twitter by lawyers in Europe who were misled into filing a case against NUSOJ. We are pleased to announce that the official NUSOJ Twitter account has been restored after Twitter found the claims, instigated by Omar Faruk Osman, were baseless and unfounded.

“NUSOJ twitter account is now active and functioning properly and people can again get updates of Somali journalist’s situations” Mahir Jama Aden, President of NUSOJ said on Sunday.

Twitter had also suspended the personal account of NUSOJ Secretary General Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu (@MOALIMUU) but it too has been reactivated after Twitter realised the truth surrounding the false claims that originated by Omar Faruk Osman- the onetime official of NUSOJ who was voted out of office in March 2011.

Somali journalists and local media reacted angrily during the suspension of Twitter of account of NUSOJ secretary general Mohamed Moalimuu.

In causing these accounts to be closed, Omar Farouk again demonstrated his hypocrisy of publicly proclaiming freedom of speech but privately acting in his own fraudulent self-interest by trying to silence those who expose his illegal practices.

No one can claim ownership of a union, but the absurdity of Omar Faruk Osman is revealed by just such a claim to own NUSOJ, which as the name states is a union that belongs to Somalia journalists. Not only are his claims false, but also his actions speak against him, having a criminal record in Kenya and Ethiopia, where he has been subject to arrest for corrupt practices and trying to usurp the powers of legitimately elected leadership of the East African Journalists Association


Despite this, he poses as the representative of Somali journalists and a victim of the Somalia government when attending international forums where neither the real situation nor the dishonest nature of his claims is known.

It is absurd and ridiculous that when Omar Faruk lost the confidence of Somali journalists and failed the law enforcement agencies, he now looks for support in overseas offices that are not aware of the situation of Somali journalists. We again appeal to all organisations that know Omar Faruk’s falsity and misrepresentation and of the damage he causes to Somali media, to inform the organisations which through their ignorance are vulnerable to his self-serving misinformation.

“My personal or NUSOJ twitter can be suspended temporarily but that will not interfere the work and destiny of Somali journalists’ union’ Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu NUSOJ SG said.

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