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Latest updates on humanitarian condition in Somalia

Dry conditions have worsened in Somalia, with humanitarian partners across the country reporting critical water shortages during the month of February.

In the worst-hit areas in Somaliland and Puntland, aid agencies have already observed stress-induced migration among pastoralist communities, with some moving to urban centres in search of day labour or to join relatives.

The dry conditions follow a poor 2018 Deyr rainy season (Oct-Dec), even as ongoing conflict and forced evictions continue to disproportionately affect those who are already displaced.

While the number of people in IPC 3 (Crisis) has remained stable over the last year – albeit with a geographical shiti to the north – the number of people in IPC 2 (Stressed) has increased by more than 10 per cent.

If the next Gu rainy season (April-June) performs poorly, those in the Stressed phase may find their situation deteriorating further.

The current rainfall projection indicates normal- to above-average precipitation across most of the country; even in the drought-affected areas of Somaliland, the likelihood of normal rainfall is around 70 per cent.

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