Land corruption inside Halane Involving international companies

Cases of rampant land acquisition through illegal means have increased in the present day MIA. Land is an important asset for development and one of the factors of production. But why would some individuals be so greedy to the extent of forcefully acquiring land without following the due procedures of ownership?

These acts demonstrate high levels of impunity by corrupt powerful individuals and leaders who do not mind the common people eventhough they hold offices meant to protect the citizens’ interests.

It is alleged that a number of families are disputing land currently occupied by RA international with the claim of being the rightful owners. However, their efforts to claim back their land have been pushed and marginalised by the unscrupulous government officials who issued the land to RA International. An act that was decried and condemned by the families that allege to own the land that they vacated to seek shelter during the times of intense fighting in Mogadishu city.

The Somali government is now under intense pressure to solve the controversial land case. In an effort to resolve the matter, the government is considering to set a new committee to review and investigate all complaints raised and try to resolve the matter through the legal framework.

It is unfortunate that all these disputes are emanating at a time when RA International has already invested heavily. However, it’s important that such land disputes are brought to an amicable end. source

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