Kismayo’s Police Commissioner Establishes a Communications Unit

In Kismayo on August 16th, 2016, the Somali Police Force established a new Communications Unit in Jubbaland. HE the President of Jubbaland State, Ahmed Mohamed Islam ‘Madobe’ accompanied by the Chief of the Somali Police Force, General Mohamed Sheikh Hassan Hamud, visited the SPF Communication Division.

The new unit will facilitate direct communication with all stations in Mogadisghu, Beletweyne, Jowhar, Armo and Baidoa. HE the President of Jubbaland State was briefed on the situation in each of those areas and he urged to officers to redouble their efforts in fulfilling their duties and, at the same time, to work hard to protect and maintain their new and valuable equipment.
The communication facilities are expected to serve as a base for police services in the region, as part of the on-going capacity building for the SPF at both the Federal Government and the regional administration level.

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