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kenyan Soldiers Killed In Surprise raid By Al Shabaab

five Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldiers have reportedly been killed by Al Shabaab.

The soldiers were ambushed by the Islamic militant group en route the border town of Elwak on Friday.

According to sources, the slain soldiers had just left their military base in Gedo region before they were accosted by the terrorist group in surprise.

KDF soldiers that had withdrawn from the Busar military base in Gedo region of Somalia have been attacked by Alshabaab as they made their way to the Kenya border, El Wak.

At least 5 soldiers reported dead. KDF has in the last two weeks withdrawn from two major military bases.

The attack comes at a time that a storm is brewing between Kenya and Somalia over a maritime dispute.

The Al Shabaab Islamist terrorist group has been executing a series of attacks in Kenya, calling for the withdrawal of Kenyan troops from the war-torn state.

The most recent attack in the Kenyan soil is the DusitD2 in Nairobi, where at least 26 people perished.

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