Kenyan military convoy hit by explosion in Gedo

A convoy of Kenyan military personnel has been hit by an explosion as it passed through Dhamas location near Kenya-Somalia border in Gedo, sources say.

Sources in the region told Goobjoog News that the explosion was caused by a roadside mine which could have been planted by unknown persons.

The explosion has reportedly caused unknown casualties on Kenyan troops and Kenyan helicopters arrived at the scene to ferry the injured for medical treatment.

Kenyan troops, which are under AMISOM have been engaging with Al-shabaab militants in Gedo region which itself has made cross-border raids against Kenya.

No one has claimed responsibility but the militant group Al-Shabaab has in the past set landmines targeting Somali National Army and the African Union backed force, AMISOM troops.

source :Goobjoog News