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Kenya forces accused of killing unarmed civilians

kenyanAadan Shuqul Nuune, the Sub-district Commissioner of “Faafax Dhuun” in the Gedo Region, complain, that the Kenyan Defence Forces that are in the Gedo region have broken their promise to compensate for close to 6 civilians that their forces have killed in some sub-districts that are in the Gedo region.

The Sub-district Commisioner of “Faafax-Dhuun” in the Gedo region, Aadan Shuqul Nuune, said the Kenyan government have already promised to provide compensation for almost all of the 6 civilians the Kenyan Defence Forces killed.

“As you can see they broke that promise, and the people that have same the blood as those killed, are still expecting their compensation” Said the Sub-district Commissioner of” Faafax Dhuun”.

The Kenyan Defence Forces are still operating in some areas of the Gedo region that have recently been given to the Ethopian Defence Forces

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