Kenyan army base hit by Al-Shabaab attack

MOGADISHU – Heavily armed Al Shabaab fighters carried out an ambush
attack on Kenyan army forces with African Union peacekeeping force in

The surprise assault took place late on Monday, after militants armed
with machine-guns and RPGs attacked on military camp runs by Kenyan
troops near Bardere town, a witness, who asked to be anonymous, said.

He says the militants raided on Kenyan forces’ camp in Fah-fahdhun
area near Bardere town, causing untold number of casualties.

Kenyan forces reportedly repulsed the orchestrated attack carried out
by Al Qaeda inspired group in Somalia.

The group’s fighters fired several mortar rounds, some of them were
reportedly landed into army base.

It is unclear how many soldiers were killed in the attack.

The group says its fighters carried out ambush and rocket attack on
Kenyan forces’ base.

Kenyan military officials in Somalia said no comment on the latest attack.

Nairobi sent its troops in Somalia in 2011, to thwart deadly attacks
and kidnappings carried out by Al Shabaab group in Somalia.

The Kenyan forces later joined in African Union peacekeeping force in
Somalia to win fighting against Al Qaeda linked group Al Shabaab.

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