Kenya will recieved 12 armed aircraft amid fighting against al-Shabaab

Five members of the US Congress are urging the Kenyan government to reconsider a proposed sh43 billion purchase of 12 armed  aircraft and related elements intended for use in Somalia against Al-Shabaab.

Four Republicans, joined by a Democratic member of the Congressional Black Caucus, suggested on Tuesday in a letter to Nairobi’s envoy to Washington that the potential deal appears to be a bad deal for Kenya.

The lawmakers told Ambassador Robinson Njeru Githae that they “have a reason to question the propriety of the acquisition.”

At the same time, the congressional sceptics are urging their colleagues to block the proposed transaction. They are also calling on Congress to investigate the circumstances surrounding Kenya’s pending agreement to buy a dozen armed Air Tractor AT-802 aircraft, two trainer planes and technical support and programme management services from L3 Technologies.

The five congressmen said in their letter to Ambassador Githae that L3 “has no experience converting agricultural aircraft into intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft with precision-strike capability.”

Kenya is Member of AMISOM Mission contributed countries and thousands of its troops known as KDF, Kenyan defense forces, are in southern Somalia fighting against Somali rebel group of al-Shabaab.


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The author is a senior freelance journalist based Somali capital Mogadishu

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  1. looks like IOMAX has paid off a few DIRTY US SENATORS to attack L3
    I cannot wait until the day we have a French/Russian revolution in America so we can bring justice to the corrupt monsters who lead us

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